Contributing to the Community

The Players members help to spearhead plans for the Woodland Auditorium.  Additionally, The Players contributed over $12,500 to the Village Community Foundation’s Auditorium Fund.  Additionally, the organization paid three-fourths of the cost for a scissors lift needed to help set scenery and lighting. Their donations did not end there.  After the building was completed, the Players furnished the dressing rooms with cabinets, mirrors and lighting. “Teahouse of the August Moon” was the first production the Players performed on the new stage 1991.

The Players continued to donate to the Woodlands from proceeds acquired during 80 plus more performances.  Donations included audio enhancers, body microphones, lighting instruments, music stands and a refrigerator (actors and backstage productions crews get hungry too!)  In 1999 the Players purchased an $11,000 computerized audio-visual lighting system for the Woodlands Auditorium. 

The Players have contributed over $120,000 to help to make the Woodlands one of the best equipped theaters in the state, and the Coronado Center a more viable and useable venue for many events.

Thank YOU for YOUR support!

Our donations to both the Coronado Center and the Woodlands would not have happened without the support and loyalty of everyone that fills the seats at each of its performances.  Because of YOU we have much to be proud of, and because of YOU we celebrated our 40th Anniversary in June 2018!

The Players extend a most heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU to all our past members who set high standards for us to follow today and to our current members who give their time, talent and creative energy for the love of the Theater.  Above all, we extend our gratitude and biggest THANK YOU to our community for allowing us the opportunity to entertain you these past 40 years and all the years to come.

In 2019, we are excited to extend our affordable, quality theatre to Hot Springs. We have a total of 22 performances planned in various locations including Hot Springs Village’s Coronado Center and Woodlands, and, Hot Springs’ Bathhouse Dinner Theatre and Central Theatre.

Come PLAY with Us!

Live Theatre in Hot Springs Village at an Affordable Price.  

About The Players

The Players is a non-profit organization, 501-C3, and all donations are tax deductible. We are proud to have presented 141 productions to the residents of Hot Springs Village and the outlying communities since 1978.  


Our History

In June 1978, the Players was officially launched when 16 enthusiastic Villagers got together and decided to form a community theater. Their dream and their goal were to bring live stage productions to the area while providing a creative and theatre experience for its members. Starting out with minimal resources and no stage or equipment, they pulled together, remained undaunted and gave The Village its first three-act variety show. The performance was “An Evening with Ethel and Albert” and it was presented to a sell-out audience for an admission price of $1, including popcorn! In their kick-off year a Reader’s Theatre performance of “The Ugly Duckling” was also performed. The Village Players were on their way!

The following year two one-act plays were performed with great success and applause. The time had come to begin expanding the vision with a full-fledged production that would need a stage. The Coronado Center was the place. The performance would be “Affairs of State” and Fred Mills would be the designer who supervised the construction project. Alongside him were the Players who devoted time, energy and lots of free sweat equity to masterfully hang theater curtains, build a stage, install lights and a sound system that ensured all that was needed for the show. 

By 1986, the Players had contributed more than $12,300 to the Coronado Center in equipment and thousands more in work hours. The beautiful fireplace mantel in the Coronado Center lobby came from one of the earlier sets.

Attendance numbers continued to grow as word spread about the quality of productions being performed.  Membership in the Players was also growing. The goal to bring a theater group willing to step into the spotlight was no longer an aspiration... it was an accomplishment.

Hot Springs Village Players History...