The “Players” Contributions to the Community

The Woodlands Stage

During the years 1978-91, the Players made great use of the Coronado Center. During that time, the Players produced 30 successful stage presentations. However, as time went by it became apparent that the Coronado Center was outdated for more ambitious endeavors. The stage was small, audience seating limited and uncomfortable, acoustics were poor, and light/sound capabilities were not adequate for quality live performances.

Recognizing these deficiencies, the Hot Springs Village POA, with the active participation of the HSV Players, began planning for a state of the art entertainment complex that would be known as The Woodlands Auditorium.

Initially, to get things started, the Village Community Foundation’s Auditorium Fund was established. Contributions were encouraged, and the HSV Players stepped up and donated $12,500! The Woodlands would be a high-roof structure, and thus would exceed the capabilities and safety concerns of using ladders to access lighting, sound accessories, curtains, and other stage equipment. The answer to these concerns would be the purchase of a very expensive high-lift capacity work platform. The HSV Players paid the majority of the cost of this lift.

During the finish out stage to the Woodlands Auditorium, the Players furnished the dressing rooms with cabinets, mirrors, and lighting. Other Players’ donations to the auditorium included audio enhancers, body microphones, lighting equipment, music stands, a refrigerator, and an $11,000 computerized audio-visual lighting system! In later years the Players paid the entire cost of a much needed set construction wing and a costume storage area.

Over the years, our donations to the improvements of the Coronado Center and The Woodlands Auditorium would not have been possible without the support and loyalty of our valued patrons. Finally, a most heartfelt thank you to our past members who got it all started and who gave their time, talent, and creative energy for the love of the theater!

The Woodlands Porte cochere

The Woodlands Auditorium