In June, 1978, a group of 16 Villagers with a vision met for the first time and decided to form the basis of a community theater.  The concept was to develop a two-fold goal of enriching the community entertainment experience by providing live theater and to provide an outlet for members to exhibit their theater talents of acting, directing, producing, set design, and the most necessary behind the scenes support!

A live theater production is a very costly endeavor, involving theater costs, play royalties, sophisticated lighting, and sound equipment.  In addition, the compensation of actors, directors, producers, and set designers, etc. can be very costly!  Considering that, it was agreed that all Player members’ time and talent would be entirely voluntary.

Starting off with minimal resources and virtually no equipment, these first “Players” members presented their first presentation, a Readers Theater Production titled “The Ugly Duckling”. This initial success was followed by a three act variety show, titled “An Evening with Ethel and Albert”, performed at the Coronado Center. Admission to the show was $1.00, including popcorn, and the sold out, enthusiastic audience gave the cast a rousing applause!

With the success of subsequent productions, attendance grew as word spread about the quality and professionalism of this new community theater!  Also increasing was membership involvement in the Players! New members soon discovered that stepping into the spotlight was no longer just a “Bucket List” dream, it was a reality!


History of the Hot Springs Village "Players"

Old Time Radio Theater at Coronado (2019)

Radio Memories at Coronado 

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