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  • Take 5 - Old Time Radio Theatre5:00

Old Time Radio Theatre

Click the player below to listen Larry Venable, producer discuss our upcoming show, Old Time Radio Theatre, during a Take 5 on KVRE 92.9 FM.

Andy Turner
Bill Lamoureux
Bob Benke
Cathy Kraus
Chuck Miller
Herm Dobscha
Jack Rosecrans
Janis Bremer
Kathy Clark
Larry Venable
Lori McGee
Mark Bremer
Maureen Morgan
Michelle Crandell
Missy Hale
Patsy Slezak
Roger Cannell
Shawn Clark
Steve Robinson
Wally Newburn


WHO’S ON FIRST- Abbott and Costello- Two men.

STATION KUKU- Five men, three women.

THE BICKERSONS- One man, one woman

THE DYEING ROUTINE- Abbot and Costello- Two men.

MY FRIEND IRMA- Three men, three women.

THE BICKERSONS- Two men, one woman.

Directed by Glenn Calloway

Toby Hamilton, Assistant Director

Larry Venable, Producer
Damon Schleuse, Assistant Producer

Coronado Center

March 22-24 501-922-4231

​Hot Springs Bathhouse Dinner Theatre March 29-31 501-318-1600

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  • Old Time Radio Theatre - KVRE Interview1:05

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