Care and Concern

If you know of a member who is having health or family problems, please contact the "Care and Concern" Chairperson listed on the "Contact" page.

Our next meeting is: 

​Feb 4, 6-7 PM

 Ouachita Room

in the Ponce Center

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Join us! We are always looking for new talent and welcome anyone to our meetings. Become a Player!

Spring 2020:

"WAR of the WORLDS"

Director, Glenn Calloway

​Producer, Larry Venable

Auditions for "War of the Worlds"

January 25 from 10-2 & January 26 from 1-4 at the Coronado Center

Scripts can be read at: http://www.sacred-texts.%2Ccom/

Play Dates:

March 20, 21, 22 @ the Hot Springs Bathhouse Dinner Theater

March 27, 28, 29 @ the Coronado Center in Hot Springs Village

July 2020:  

“HSV Celebrates 50 Years of Broadway, A Musical Review”

Director, Liz Mathis

Fall 2020: 

“Catch Me if You Can”

Director, Pam Palis-Kalisz


Live Theatre in Hot Springs Village at an Affordable Price.  

We need your help...

Every year, the Village Players presents the great shows you love.  Where else can you find Broadway’s best titles and original productions – with wonderful actors, outstanding choreography and state of the art sound and music – at such an affordable price?

Great shows need great supporters. We need YOUR support so we can continue to produce extraordinary shows each year.

2020 shows

Cheryl Robertson​: President

Timothy Parker: Vice-President

Missy Hale: Secretary

Barbara Byler: Member-at-Large

Bernie Gewinner: Member-at-Large

Toby Hamilton: Member-at-Large

John Novak: Member-at-Large

Larry Venable​Member-at-Large

The Hot Springs Village Players is a non-profit organization 501(C)(3) all donations are tax deductible) is proud to have presented 141 productions since it began and to now be celebrating our 40th anniversary of entertaining audiences with professional quality theatre.

We're always looking for new talent and welcome anyone to attend our meetings and become a Player. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm in the Ouachita Building, rooms A & B at the Ponce de Leon Center, 1101 DeSoto Blvd. There are no residency requirements and membership dues are only $15 annually. A downloadable Membership Application is available for your convenience. For more information, contact Donna Hinton 870-321-1297.

Charlie Brown Dress Rehearsal - Photos by Ken Haley

Hot Springs Village residency is not required and dues are as follows :

Adults - $15.00
Couples - $25.00
Adults 80 yrs+ - $10.00
Under 19 yrs - $5.00

In 2020 we begin our 43rd Season of providing Quality Theatre Entertainment. 

“Come Play With Us!”